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Our Process

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"Whether it is the gathering hub for friends and family, or your sacred space to retreat to after a busy day, your home should reflect your uniqueness and lifestyle." Jasmine  

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Here's How It Works...

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Our initial step is to schedule a consultation and walkthrough of your home to get a feel for the layout and overall space. By listening and learning about your daily routines, we can celebrate the positives, while identifying the pitfalls that need to be re-assessed.  Once we have determined the spaces that you would like to us to focus on (room by room), we can formulate our action plan.

2. Space Planning

Our team will assess and create organizational systems by providing storage solutions to maximize and revitalize each area within your home, without the need for remodels or renovations. Our goal is to bring function and flow to each space so that your daily needs are met with ease and require minimal upkeep.

*Please note that if you are considering an add-on, a full-scale remodel, or need a custom-built item, we work closely with a team of Licensed Contractors who are available to meet with you.

3. Scope of Work & Estimation

Our team will provide you with detailed quote that encompasses the scope of work for each space - room by room- and will provide a cost estimate, as well as a list of supplies needed to complete your project.

4. Shop, Systemize & Style

Everyone likes a good discount!  That’s why we choose to pass on our savings, as certified Trade Members at The Container Store, to our clients. Knowing what is needed and where to get it, makes shopping for supplies so much easier and allows us to style a seamless and aesthetically pleasing space, that you desire.

5. Assess The Four D's

  • Determine what items you would like to keep

  • De-clutter the space by removing miscellaneous items that don’t serve a purpose in the space

  • Divvy-up and set aside those items that you aren’t sure you need

  • Donate items that you no longer need or want or don’t serve a purpose in your overall goal

*Some clients prefer to do these tasks solo, while others welcome our helping hands. We support either effort!

Simply let us know your preference, so we can plan accordingly.

6. Ready. Set. Spruce!

The time has finally come, and regardless of if you have been coined a “Consummate Collector”, or are considered a “Modern Day Minimalist”, every space in your home has the potential to function efficiently, while looking fabulous.

So please sit back and relax, because our team is ready to SPRUCE AND STYLE YOUR SPACE!

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